Speed Gate - What are the advantages of speed gate compared with other gates?


Speed Gate

The rise of the bridge type quick-pass door is a high-tech product belonging to the gate enterprise after the three-roll gate, swing gate and wing gate.

This luxurious speed gate products, if not touched, only literally to understand, that is, the flow of people can quickly pass.

There are many other advantages to the luxurious speed gates, which is why it has been popular since its birth.

speed gate

It mainly adopts modern high-tech automation technology, which combines high security requirements with high-end design technology. At the same time, its control can be based on the level of customer safety and free flow. Targeted control crowd, it passes through the access control system. The combination of the community, libraries, factories and other places to improve the security, while the flow of people can be well managed, can effectively prevent illegal traffic, convenient for people to continue to flow quickly, so it is called luxurious speed door.

The Luxurious-type speed-pass door shows its great use especially in densely populated areas, and it is often seen in these places. It allows authorized personnel to pass quickly and without interference, thus ensuring safety.

At the same time, it also has a ticket or a cartoon line for reading and writing functions, and intelligent management of personnel.

The background of the bridge-type speed-pass door gives it a unique inheritance of some advanced elements of the three-roll gate, swing gate or wing gate.

It can be said that the luxurious speed gate is developed on the shoulder of the "giant", the collision and fusion of various technologies, and finally condensed into a new product.

The bridge type quick-pass door adopts authorized mode control to restrict the entry and exit of personnel, and uses complex anti-tailing tracking control technology to quickly and accurately determine whether someone follows the follow-up. The bridge type quick-pass door manufacturer strictly prevents unauthorized personnel. Enter, and then achieve strict and effective management of the people involved, and truly realize the security and security functions of the access door.

luxurious speed gate

Bridge speed gates are not just a combination of technologies, they have some unique elements of their own.

Whether it is from the design concept, from the control technology, or the design, the bridge speed gates are in front of the three-roll gate, swing gate and wing gate.

Although there are not many users who know the bridge speed gate, the users who use the bridge speed gate are highly praised.

Anti-trailing function channel has a total infrared light band detection area, which can be adjusted by software according to the requirements of customer precision, to adapt to the application of different requirements of light band, thus avoiding the shortcomings of point-type infrared detector that is easy to be polluted, affecting the reliability of judgment, and effectively identifying the trailing person who has not read the card.

speed gate

When the system determines that tailgating has occurred, it responds to the position of the valid cardholder returned by the infrared detector.
After the door signal is sent, there are still some abnormal use will trigger the alarm system.

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