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Speed Gate

Speedgate is part of the access control system and is one of the important components of modern entrance and exit control.

speed gate

Speed Gate classification
The common speed-passing doors are divided into two types: the scissor door (wing gate) and the swing door according to the different ways of moving the door wing.

(1) Scissor doors are often used for rail transit, and common scissor doors are mostly used in subways and other places. The door wing protrudes from the inside of the box, which can effectively close the passage and play the role of access control. In addition, the interior of the door is equipped with an infrared sensing device, which can realize the purpose of “one person and one card: single pass”.

(2) The swing door appears later than the scissor door and belongs to the second generation speed pass door. The speed gate is characterized by the running direction of the door wing. The running process is within the line of sight of the human body and is safer. In addition, since the door wing does not have to be retracted into the interior of the box, the style of the swinging door is more variable. Swing gates are generally used in banks, corporate buildings, high-end office buildings, etc.

Speed gate working principle
The door wing is driven by the control system and automatically opens and closes. The operating mode can be selected by programming: The door wing is automatically opened as long as the verification entrant is authorized. Closed after delay, the delay time is adjustable.

Speed gate Safety measures
The oscillating door wing is designed so that an unauthorized person enters and causes the door to close in front of the pedestrian's line of sight. It will not cause harm to the human body due to pedestrians avoiding it. The servo motor drives the door wing, the driving process is gentle, the rotating torque is constant and less than 120NM. When the unauthorized entry causes the door wing to close, it ensures that the impact force will not cause harm to the human body, and is safer and more reliable than other operating modes. In an emergency, when the flow of people is congested, under the strong stamping of the crowd, the door wing can be pushed forward to safely evacuate the flow of people without causing accidental casualties.

Speed Gate Developed
The first stage: the traditional door (to prevent the outsiders from entering and leaving)
The second stage: electromagnetic door (by means of authorization, making entry and exit more efficient)
The third stage: scissor door (adding anti-tailing detection to ensure single pass)
Stage 4: Swinging door (on the basis of the scissor door, making the door wing run safer)
The fifth stage: full height door (full height rectangular tempered safety glass door, faster, more efficient, more secure)


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