Luxury speedgates advantage?


Luxury speedgates indoor use advantage

The luxury speedgates is a practical channel gate product in indoor places. The luxury speed-pass door is fast-speeded during the passage, and the personnel quickly closes after passing, which has a good anti-tailing effect.

In addition to its fast passage and good anti-tailing effect, the luxury speed gate has a very important reason, making it widely used in indoor places.

The appearance is an important reason why it becomes an indoor darling.

In the appearance of the luxury speedgates, combined with the most modern and fashionable design style, it is simple, novel, and beautiful. It has a strong sense of science and technology after being applied indoors.

Moreover, the design of the luxury speed gate door also fully considers the characteristics of the indoor environment, and the cabinet is particularly small and does not occupy the place.

Luxury speed-pass door features Deluxe speed-through door with fault self-test and alarm prompt function, convenient for user maintenance and use.

The luxury speed-pass door can be connected to any control signal or button or remote control output from the control device for single-way control.

The automatic speed-pass door automatic reset function automatically cancels the traffic every time it is swung 90 degrees and detects that the person and object pass, it is automatically reset, or when the specified time (delay multi-speed adjustable) is not passed, the system will automatically cancel the pass. Permission to return to the initial position.

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The light indicates the high-brightness running light status indication, guiding the passage of the luxury speed-passing door anti-tailing function.

1. After the current person and object pass, during the resetting of the swing arm, if someone trails or brakes, the swing arm automatically locks and Call the police.

2. When the current person and object are not completely passed when the infrared detection is installed, if someone trails in, the infrared activates the alarm.

The luxury speed-pass door fire input can be connected with the fire alarm signal to realize the constant electric drop rod normally open.

When the alarm prompt function is illegally passed or braked, an alarm prompt is automatically issued.

The speed adjustable swing arm opens and closes at a speed of 8 steps, which can be set by the user according to actual needs.

Anti-reverse function In the process of resetting the swing arm, if an external force reverses the swing arm, the swing arm automatically locks and issues an alarm. When the external force disappears, the passage automatically resumes.

Automatic protection function When the external force prevents the swing arm from moving normally, and the external force is continuous, the system will automatically detect and automatically enter the sleep state after 5 times.

When the next legal signal is input, the gate will automatically return to normal.

When the anti-collision buffer function is illegally passed or braked, the brake lever is buffered at a corresponding angle and then locked to achieve humanized anti-injury.

It also greatly reduces the mechanical damage caused by the collision.

The unattended power-off swing arm automatically opens normally, and the power is automatically reset (blocking traffic).

Quick and silent electric power, zero mechanical wear.

About 45-60 person/minute luxury speed-pass door manufacturers can realize remote control and management through management computer (requires command docking).

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The counting function realizes the statistics of the number of people present.

Personalized voice prompts make the channel closer to life.

As an important part of modern entrance and exit control, the luxury speed gate manufacturers, together with the advantages of the products, are becoming more and more popular in indoor installations.

The more important reason behind this is that it is a perfect combination of beauty and practicality.

The luxury speedgates manufacturers developed by the company also have high market competitiveness in the products of similar luxury speed gate manufacturer.

More product details can be consulted by the staff.

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