Turnstile Barrier Gate CF-Y04

Product Details
Brand JXT
Serial Number CF-Y04
Country of Origin Guangdong, China
Certificate CE
Payment & Shipping Terms
Price Quote USD$600 ~ USD$1600
Minimum Order 1
Average Delivery Time 1-10 pcs wihin 1 week
Payment Method T/T
Package Details 1 Unit / Wooden Box
Ability to Supply 40 Unit / Day

Turnstile Barrier Gate

The  flap barrier is an elegant cost-effective entrance control system designed for high-traffic volume.

The CF-Y04 turnstile barrier gate draws very little power. made by stainless steel

Basically composed of the main box and the movable wing, the shape is like a eagle with wings spread, hence the name wing gate; it has the function of blocking (dissuasion) for unauthorized personnel, so it is also known as the brake; the advantage is fast running speed, luxury Atmospheric, the disadvantage is that the passage is narrow and only pedestrians pass.

CF-Y04 turnstile Flap gate can integrate RFID Card, Fingerprint, QR CODE, BARCODE and Facial recognition. its barriers retract upward automatically, thus allowing users passage to the secured side.

During emergencies the barriers automatically retract upward, thereby avoid users being trapped. A battery for power outage safety can be installed for retracting the barrier automatically.

turnstile barrier gate

turnstile factory



Power requirements

AC 100 ~ 120V/200 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz

Working temperature


Working humidity


Working environment

Indoor/outdoor (if sheltered)

Speed of throughput


Maximum 30/ minute


Maximum 25/ minute

Lane width(mm)

600/ (900MM Wide Lane Available)


L=1400, W=280, H=980

Dimension with packing(mm)

L=1500, W=350, H=1100

Net weight(kg)


Weight with packing(kg)


LED indicator


Cabinet material

SUS304 Stainless Steel


4 pairs

Barrier material

Acrylic(18mm)/PMMA (thickness 50mm, red/blue optional)

Barrier movement


Emergency mode


Security level



5 million


Counter, SUS316 Cabinet and Lid, Remote Control, Access Control

Transmission Variant

Gear transmission

Housing Thickness

1.5*1.2mm (Top*Housing)

Enclose Rating


barrier gate

1. Laser cutting process with internal welding.
2. Low noise and smooth operation.
3. Service life: 500 million times.
4. Illegal intrusion into the infrared alarm.
5. Swipe the card to open the reverse reverse alarm.
6. High-precision angle encoder for angle detection and control.
7. One-to-one driver board, industrial grade 32-bit ARM chip 8. Mechanical collision avoidance movement: mechanical and infrared double anti-trapping.

8. Door wing: red and blue soft wings, acrylic plexiglass.
9. Passing speed: 30-60/min.
10. AC110~220V±10% 50Hz(input)/AC24±10%(control).
11. Ambient temperature: -25~+70°C..
12. Open signal: 12vdc/RS485/dry contact.

facial recognition

The brushless wing gate / turnstile barrier gate is a high-tech product for intelligent management of personnel passages. It is used in the collection of swing gates and three roller gates. It adopts industrial grade circuit control system and humanized science mechanical transmission design, and is equipped with brushless motor, which makes the product more stable in performance, more complete in function, more user-friendly in design and higher in grade. It is mainly recommended in subway, clubhouse, High-end and crowded places such as docks, intelligent buildings, villa communities, and hotel lobbies make the venues more intelligent, convenient, and efficient in general management.

The highlights are: brushless motor drive, greatly improved service life, faster opening and closing speed, quieter and smoother operation, easier to expand with customized parameters, and flexible setting and restoration.



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