Swing Barrier Gate CF-Y09

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Brand JXT
Serial Number CF-Y09
Country of Origin Guangdong, China
Certificate CE
Payment & Shipping Terms
Price Quote USD$600 ~ USD$1600
Minimum Order 1
Average Delivery Time 1-10 pcs wihin 1 week
Payment Method T/T
Package Details 1 Unit / Wooden Box
Ability to Supply 40 Unit / Day

Swing Barrier Gate

The Swing Barrier Gate is an elegant cost-effective entrance control system designed for high-traffic volume.

The CF-Y09 is a dual lane swing barrier gate series designed for smooth and silent operation and draws very little power. It's made of stainless steel which makes CF-Y09 swing barrier gate highly durable.

CF-Y09 Barrier Gate are general held in a locked position, thus denying access to the secured side.

CF-Y09 turnstile Flap barrier can integrate RFID Card, Fingerprint, QR CODE, BARCODE and Facial recognition. its barriers retract upward automatically, thus allowing users passage to the secured side.

There are many applications for face recognition gates, but the most practical applications are office buildings. Offices can install face recognition gates, which can realize smart office. Users can say goodbye to the traditional way of swiping, and the face can be completed in a few seconds. Improvement, which not only strengthens the management and service of office buildings, but also enhances the user experience. At the same time, enterprises and properties can also use the data collected through the gates to optimize management solutions. However, it seems that the application of face recognition swing gates is more practical, and the application of face recognition wing gates is still relatively small. The main reason is to consider these two points. First, considering the flexibility of use, the swing gate is stronger than the wing gate; on the other hand, the face recognition swing gate is better than the face recognition wing gate, but there are also a few users who may consider the traffic volume, so the face will be considered. Identify the wing gates.

During emergencies the barriers automatically retract upward, thereby avoid users being trapped. A battery for power outage safety can be installed for retracting the barrier automatically.

swing barrier gate

turnstile factory


Power requirements

AC 100 ~ 120V/200 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz

Working temperature


Working humidity


Working environment

Indoor/outdoor (if sheltered)

Speed of throughput


Maximum 30/ minute


Maximum 25/ minute

Lane width

600/ (900MM Wide Lane Available)


L=1400mm, W=280mm, H=980mm

Dimension with packing

L=1500mm, W=400mm, H=1100mm

Net weight(kg)


Weight with packing(kg)


LED indicator


Cabinet material

SUS304 Stainless Steel


4 pairs

Barrier material

Acrylic(18mm)/PMMA (thickness 50mm, red/blue optional)

Barrier movement


Emergency mode


Security level



5 million


Counter, SUS316 Cabinet and Lid, Remote Control, Access Control

Transmission Variant

Gear transmission

Housing Thickness

1.5*1.2mm (Top*Housing)

Enclose Rating



Swing barrier gate one of the channel management equipment:

1. is mainly used for pedestrian channel management;

2. it has the characteristics of quick opening, safety and convenience,

3. is an ideal management and grooming device for pedestrians with high frequency access and passage;

4. it is widely used in airports, subway stations and stations , docks, attractions, parks, pedestrian walkways, etc.,

5. can be used with smart cards to achieve off-line ticketing management system functions, forming unattended management of personnel access.

6. flap barrier mechanism is anticollision.

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